Why can't I do this myself? 

We have spoken with countless clients, accountants, and attorneys that believe they can manage this process well and understand how fees are being paid.

The investment management world is complex. IFS team members came from this environment, this provides us the upper edge because we know how to speak the same language as your wealth advisor, in-addition we understand how they get compensated. Our team has the ability thru our proprietary system to take a deep dive within your investment portfolio and find all the fees and expenses which are disclosed and undisclosed. On average IFS finds 30 to 40 percent annual savings than doing it yourself.


What will this cost? 

Investors pay Financial Advisors in good markets and in bad. IFS is paid a success fee only; less than one year of savings. You benefit forever. We do not manage assets, make investment recommendations or provide financial planning services. We are not affiliated with any other financial services entity and, therefore, have no conflicts of interest. IFS represents you, and only you.


But why? I have a good relationship with my Financial Advisor, s/he has become a friend. 

How many of your friends do you give $10,000 or more to year over year?

Investment Fee Solutions works hand-in-hand with your Financial Advisor on your behalf to arrive at a mutually agreeable arrangement such that s/he is compensated for her/his work. The advisory firm and your broker give a little and you earn a lot at a significantly greater pace. Friendships aside, your goal, the goal of your Advisor, and the goal of IFS is to provide for your long-term financial well-being. 


Will my Advisor reduce service levels? 

No. Wealth managers have a professional and fiduciary responsibility to their clients.

Financial Advisors represent many clients, often several hundred. They provide essentially the same products and services at varying prices to clients now! There is no "one size fits all" fee structure, nor do all clients pay the same fee. Reducing your fees has a very small net effect on your Advisor, but has an astoundingly large impact on the growth of your assets.

Who can benefit from the services of IFS? 

Individuals, trustees, beneficiaries, and foundations with invested assets of at least $1 million are most likely to benefit from our expertise.


How do I know what I am currently paying and the impact of these costs? 

Prior to any contact with any third parties, your IFS professional will analyze account(s), identify fees, expenses and costs, and discuss how this may impact your unique circumstances Then the optimal costs reductions can be negotiated for your benefit.


How can I be sure my information will be kept confidential? 

All data collected by IFS will be held in complete confidence. Our email system has SSAE 16 certification, the highest level of internet security. You can feel confident that information you share with IFS reaches only IFS.


What is the process to lower my fees today? 

Typically, the more information the better but the process requires minimal documentation and effort by you. Your IFS professional will need basic, easily obtainable account information.