Reduced investment fees GUARANTEE significantly enhanced returns in any market condition.

John Bogel, Founder and CEO of Vanguard Funds, states in his article, "Train Wreck Awaiting American Retirement" speaks of the  “tyranny” of fees, and the dramatic impact these have on long term portfolio growth.


A seemingly low fee can consume as much as 40%-60% of your portfolio over time.


The only guarantee available to investors is that your returns will be higher and your losses lower after Investment Fee Solutions reduces your investment costs.

There is no cost or risk to you!

Our analysis is provided free of charge. We assess a one-time success, or contingency fee based on a percentage of your first year savings only, so you benefit immediately. After the first year of shared savings, you enjoy 100% of the savings in perpetuity.

IFS knows the industry.

The financial services industry is complex. The myriad fees and expenses paid to consultants and investment managers are, by design, difficult to understand.

IFS professionals have decades of experience advising clients of banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies and Registered Investment Advisors. In that time, we have gained the inside knowledge of fees and expenses and - more importantly to you - how they can be reduced.

We will analyze your portfolio to determine your actual costs. After a thorough evaluation and in-depth review with you, we will initiate discussions with your provider, on your behalf, to add guaranteed wealth accumulation through cost reduction.

We have seen some clients pay 8 times more than others for identical portfolios, advisors & service, and everything in between. Which client are you? We can help.

Let IFS put our experience
and expertise to work for you.

Let IFS put our experience
and expertise to work for you.