Our only job is to reduce current and future fees. We do not manage your assets

IFS works with high net-worth individuals, athletes, celebrities, families, and trust settlors/beneficiaries.

We represent clients with assets ranging from $1 million dollars to those with an ultra-high net worth.

Since 2014, we have been a trusted advisor to our clients from coast to coast. IFS has also worked with clients of  CPA’s, Family Offices, Business Managers, and Estate Planning Attorneys, nationwide helping their clients reduce their current and future fees in their investment portfolios.

Investment Fee Solutions, Inc. is the only company of its kind and employs the only process by which our clients are guaranteed significantly enhanced investment performance by controlling investment management fees and expenses. IFS does not manage assets or encourage clients to change their advisory relationship. Rather, we analyze all costs associated with a portfolio, identify inefficiencies and negotiate cost savings on behalf of high net worth entities with banks, broker dealers, insurance companies, registered investment advisors and other financial institutions, thereby increasing your net worth - and with no cost or risk to our clients.

Every $20,000 annual reduction in current and future fees we save you or your clients creates $980,000 back in your portfolio after 20 years, compounded at 8%.